Suicide prevention starts with you, the law enforcement executive.

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Executive Leadership Training

Open to sworn law enforcement professionals

Attend this forum of law enforcement leaders to dive deeper into policy and strategic planning surrounding suicide prevention and response. Through guided instruction and facilitated discussions, you will learn about the underlying causes of suicide, explore a variety of solutions both for you and your agency, and consider ways for your organization to overcome barriers to help-seeking encountered by your officers.

During this training:

  • Discover the underlying causes of suicide.
  • Identify solutions to the stigma of help-seeking.
  • Identify protective factors that promote strength and resilience.
  • Develop an action plan specific to your agency.

Classroom Training

Instructional interaction that occurs "in-person" and in real time between instructors and participants.

Credit Hours Available: 4 Hours


This is an IADLEST National Certification Program™ certified course.

Hybrid Training

A Hybrid course uses an online asynchronous format to deliver content concluding with a scheduled in-person or live virtual event to emphasize skills building or engage in group discussion.

Credit Hours Available: 8 Hours

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