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The SAFLEO Program believes that suicide prevention starts with you. By providing beneficial resources and support to law enforcement, their agencies, and their friends, family, and clergy members, SAFLEO is committed to its mission to prevent suicides among law enforcement officers. SAFLEO success stories recognize officers who have used skills and strategies provided by the SAFLEO Program to create an environment focused on mental wellness to better themselves and their agencies.

Do you have a story or experience you would like to share? Your personal story could be used to change the lives of other law enforcement officers! Feel free to submit stories related to the following:

  • SAFLEO skills used in the field
  • Coping mechanisms for work-related trauma
  • Strategies for wellness, mental health, and resilience

Use this form to give us a brief description of your experience, and we will follow up with you using your preferred method of contact. Alternatively, you may submit this form anonymously by checking the appropriate box below. The SAFLEO Program will never make the information that you provide publicly available without your consent.

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  • Line Officers

    Gain a deeper understanding of risk factors • Recognize warning signs in yourself and others • Explore strategies to promote wellness, mitigate stress, and treat unresolved issues

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  • Supervisors

    Set the example • Get engaged • Bridge the gap between your officers and available resources

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  • Executives

    Engage with other concerned law enforcement leaders in your area • Explore the full spectrum of potential organizational solutions • Consider ways to overcome barriers to help-seeking

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  • Trainers

    Explore the latest research in suicide risk factors and solutions • Learn techniques to educate and train your agency • Assist with program implementation

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  • Online Training

    Learn more about the root causes of suicide • Discuss the issues facing law enforcement in an informal environment • Interact and engage with fellow first responders, law enforcement staff members, and clinicians

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